Declaration of Performance

The european “pass” for construction products

All About European Certification Of Construction Products

What is a Declaration of Performance?

Declaration of Performance is a document issued by a manufacturer of a construction product. The issuance is a legal act required by Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) – an obligation under certain conditions.

What is needed to draw up a Declaration of Performance?

Besides the legal text of Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR), further instructions are given in harmonised technical specifications. It is not only product testing, there are also other obligations to be fulfilled.

What is the meaning of a CE marking on a construction product?

A CE marking gives the signal that the product has been assessed according to a harmonised technical specification and that a DoP has been issued. It provides elementary information on the product, its assessment and the declared performance. If possible, the CE marking must be attached to the product.

Do I have to fulfil the obligations of Construction Products Regulation?

First, you have to investigate the situation of the product family (existence of normative documents) and consider the way it is manufactured. Second, you need to understand your role as an economic operator. You can use a checklist available on the following link.

DoP Templates

You can dowload our templates in order to draw up a correct Declaration of Performance. Templates are available in all EU languagues, accompanied with english comments and tips.

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