What is a Declaration of Performance?

Declaration of Performance (DoP) together with CE marking are elements allowing the manufacturer to place the product on the market of every EU country. However, some limits and exceptions exist.

DoP is a document to be drawn up and issued by a manufacturer. The content of DoP and the conditions are strictly ruled by Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR).

The CPR obliges the manufacturer to issue a DoP so that he:

  • identifies himself and his product
  • informs that his product falls under the CPR – under the scope of a harmonized standard or an EAD
  • demonstrates that the assessment (testing etc.) has been performed
  • declares the assessed characteristics and their performance

The idea is the manufacturer is forced to make a “public promise” about his product and its characteristics. It is then believed that the product is in line with the declaration. If not, the manufacturer has broken the promise and therefore the law.

A DoP does not have to be attached to the product (this is the role of a CE marking) but must be supplied upon a request. Publication of a DoP on a website is a special case subject to specific rules. The most important rule is to keep every version available for a certain period of time although it has been replaced or just corrected.

A DoP must and can only be issued under the conditions given by the CPR. For products not falling under the scope of the CPR (not having a relevant harmonised technical specification), a DoP cannot be issued. Similarly, only manufacturers can issue a DoP. Distributors, authorised representatives or importers are not allowed to.

Checklist for the obligation to draw up a DoP

Templates for a Declaration of Conformity