Who is behind this website?

My name is Vaclav Hadrava and I run a consulting company acting in the field of construction products. I have been working in this area for 15+ years while I worked for 10 years at a certification institute. Besides my work for companies (manufacturers, distributors, associations), I act as HAS/EAD Consultant for European Commission – my task is to assess harmonised standards and EADs before the final EC decision on their publication.

I offer consultations concerning any construction product when it comes to documentation, standards, legal obligations and marketing support.

Please, visit my website, or contact me directly:


telephone: +420 777 682 170

What is the purpose of this website?

This site has, of course, no ambition to replace the legislation. It can also never be exhaustive. The mission is to help understand the legal text which is heavy and not easy to read.  In fact, the website lacks a lot of details and exceptional cases in order to be readable. Before you start acting within the framework the CPR legislation, make sure you have understood everything relevant for your situation.

I try to answer the most common questions I come across in the course of my work. If you have a question or a remark on what I have written, do not hesitate and write me a message!